All Our Health is a resource from the Government of England aiming to help healthcare professionals promote population wellbeing. It has recently published “Climate and Health: applying All Our Health” guidance”(1) which has been created to help healthcare providers understand that climate change is a health threat and how to prepare for and be equipped to respond to this climate crisis.

This guide offers useful information to understand what climate change is, how it affects health and why the healthcare system can contribute to reducing the impacts of a warming climate on health since the consequences of this crisis (2) directly affect both physical and mental health, as well as the provision of basic human needs.

Actions to reduce the climate crisis will help improve environmental health and therefore the health of the population. This publication offers guidance on actions that can be taken from the healthcare system, including encouraging patients to increase the number of journeys taken on foot or bicycle, use efficient energy in homes, and adopt a balanced, sustainable diet. It also includes actions to promote the protection of green spaces and nature-based interventions for health, such as green walking for mental health, or to work to ensure that the costs of climate action are not unfairly borne by those with lower incomes or other social disadvantages