The Andalusian Health and Environment Observatory (OSMAN, for its Spanish acronym) stands as a regional reference centre providing professionals and citizens access to information to improve the preparedness and adaptation to the impacts of environmental exposures on population health. The centre fosters knowledge exchange and collaboration among relevant regional, national and international stakeholders, and promotes research and surveillance in environmental public health.


OSMAN is a project under the Directorate-General for Public Health and Pharmaceutical Planning from the Regional Ministry of Health and Families, and it is managed by the Andalusian School of Public Health (EASP, for its Spanish acronym).

OSMAN´s main areas of action include:

  1. Climate change
  2. Physical pollution
  3. Vector surveillance and control
  4. Habitat and health
  5. Hábitat y salud
  6. Ambient air pollution follow-up, monitoring and control:
    • Human biomonitoring
    • Environmental risk mapping
  7. Social determinants of environmental health

OSMAN is located at:

Hospital Punta de Europa (módulo II)

Carretera Getares S/N

11207 Algeciras

Teléfono: 34 956 025 346